I was the that did the impostering ha ha ! i dont even care if u lot hate me u ******* i n g i di ot Beatrix


Hey beatrix I’m just wondering how you are doing because you seem really worried like you want help. So if you want help or to talk we can talk.


omg so i was laying down at home alone because my mom went out so i was like on my phone then I heard knocking on my window and i was so scared my heart started beating so fast then i slowly walked to the window really scared and i lifted the blind and it […]

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Hii guys my name is B£ÃŢŘÏX IAM NEW HERE I JUST WANNA HAVE FRIEND IAM 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!!………Dear diary,,,, a really weird and stupid thing happend with me . .Iwas taking my shower this morning and after i finished i called the servant to get me a Tissue then she got them and she forgot […]

Sorry you guys

I am sorry for what I say I am jealous that you are prettier than I am I want to be friends with everyone even you swagger gagger i hope you and me to be friends and I want you and all the others I love you all as friends

China Ann Mclain

China Ann Mclain isnt your real name so I guess you are just a big fan of her? I am not trying to be mean I am just stating a fact and asking if you’re a fan if her so don’t be rude in the comments

reporting news

hey i know truth around this app unknown is a bully and my bff is a nice one and ignore unknown person don’t feel bad for her guys

report news

hey i the truth around this app unknown is a bully and my bff is a nice one and ignore unknown person don’t feel bad for her guys


Stop bullying beatrix already its getting old and whoever is a bully (Unknown and beatrix haters) is just insecure and want to make trouble so f*ck them and I hope karma is a b*tch to them


Whoever kreps bullying beatrix an impostering her and clling her mean needs 2 shut the f*ck up and get a life cause all u do is harrasss her abd never leav her alone just get the f*ck over it and stop causin drama

im new

hi I’m new and i read post already and Beatrix is mean and she wonder why unknown hates her any who I’m gonna be a reporter is that OK with u cause i hear drama is around

the worst

I came to Oklahoma to visit my dad and found out i he’s girlfriend my little sister and my new little brother are not there taking me to go fishing at NIGHT I saw a snake and then he took me to go hunting thank God I’m leaving tomorrow but in 4o’clock in the morning […]

To Swagger Gagger and All

Hey Swagger Gagger this is Beatrix and I think you and Unknown argue way too much and both if you keep making hate posts about each other and I think you should just IGNORE Unknown if you hate him/her so much. If you keep talking to Unknown, you will be giving her/him attention and Unknown […]


hi am that unknown person I am sorry that I was being mean to you guys I am sorry that I was being a **** en ***** and know that I am not only a ***** that I am a *** hole, punk , and I am jealous that you guys are prettier than I […]

From the Real Beatrix *sigh*

Whoever is impersonating me needs to get a life. It’s probably Megan and she has too much time on her hands to be on the Internet pretending to be me. Just vack off already before I start reporting you! I think I should put a symbol in my post titles so you know when it’s […]


hey everyone i want to fight unknown and everyone heard the she’s a bully in thos web and shes a girl and 15 year old so everybody make her life ruined


OK wdp I’m gonna give you what u want s.ex stories well this is the real Beatrix so don’t imposter me you see it was with my dad and he took of his pant and showed me his ***** and i jumped on him sucking his ***** and i took off my bra he rook […]

iam died!!!

Dear diary,,,I just wanna tell you that iam dying-’yeah dying my life is **** my boy friend lied at me he made me do s e x with him then he left me ughhh idk why and maybe iam pregnant omg help me god ughhh!!!IAM DYING HELP ME


Swagger Gagger, stop using my name. I know it’s you using my name a defending yourself. ***** fvck up. You’re the one always cursing and you have terrible grammar and you can’t even spell or use a puncuation mark, so I know it’s you. Stop pretending to be me, boring a$$ *****, and defend yourself […]

cassidy poem

You’re staring out the window And I’m out here in the street You stand there like a scarecrow And I’m begging you to speak You used to be my solid ground Now I’m drowning in the sea And I just want to believe in you and me